About Company

About Company

Valuation of Property LLP was founded in 2003 and over the years of its existence worked its way from a small regional valuation firm to a large company with branching network of branches in Kazakhstan. Today, we are a dynamically developing valuation company employing a close-knit team of highly qualified specialists with a high level of knowledge, responsibility, professional ethics and many years of experience.

In 2021, Valuation of Property became a part and an equal member of the international global PKF network. PKF International is a global network of experienced and proven consultants from legally independent firms who share a common commitment to quality, integrity and transparency in a complex regulatory environment. Our professional opinion has been used by thousands of corporate clients and financial institutions throughout the country and abroad.

Considering that our opinion will be used in decisions making, for example, investment decisions, we understand all our responsibility to the client and adhere to the basic principle – provision of quality services. To do this, we combine in our work the knowledge of our employees, confirmed by international qualifications from CFA Institute and RICS, with knowledge of the local market and legislation, which distinguishes us from many valuation companies.

Therefore, we are confident that by choosing our company, you will receive an objective and reliable valuation.

The company provides a full range of valuation services, such as: business valuation, enterprise valuation, real estate valuation, stock valuation, valuation of other tangible and intangible assets according to Kazakh and international standards, for:

  • Large and medium Kazakhstani and foreign business
  • Corporate Partners and Clients
  • State-owned enterprises and subjects of the quasi-public sector