Field valuation

Field valuation

Who accepts our reports?

Our reports are accepted by all second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, financial institutions engaged in lending, leasing and other forms of financing.

How much does a service cost?

The Company’s pricing policy is based on the strategy of building up long-term partnership relations.

The Company’s branch network allows to reduce transportation costs of a client for inspection of objects, should appraisal objects are located in different cities of the country.

We are open to dialogue in order to discuss all aspects of a transaction, including individual tariffs for a customer.

How long does the valuation take?

Our experts have significant experience in appraising; therefore, valuation of this type of service will be carried out as soon as possible.

What needs to be done for appraising?


To conduct an assessment you need to:

•              Submit documents to our Company office or send it to us by e-mail (link to the e-mail address)

•              Conclude an assessment contract

•              Provide access to an appraisal object for inspection by our Company expert

•              Receive a report on the appraisal object 

What documents are needed to assess subsoil use?

  1. License for the right to use subsurface mineral resources;
  2. Contract;
  3. Work program with a feasibility study for the Contract;
  4. Document confirming the rights to a land plot;
  5. Mining allotment;
  6. Financial statements of the company for the last 3 years with income and  expense breakdown by fields;
  7. Interpretation of fixed assets specifying the date of placing on balance sheet, inventory number, initial cost, accumulated depreciation, residual cost and description of assets specifying capacity, performance, etc. in electronic format (fixed assets involved in the field);
  8. Technical and title establishing documents for buildings and structures located on the field, if there are any;
  9. The data of the competent authority on the field reserves;
  10. Departmental statistical reporting for the last 5 years;
  11. Analytical information, if there is any: the world and Kazakhstan mineral market research (production output, processing volumes, prices, etc.) for the last three years; forecast data (production output, prices, etc.).