Valuation of incomplete construction

Valuation of incomplete construction

Valuation of incomplete construction is a complex procedure, which includes a detailed analysis of reliability and performance, resource consumption, profitability and utility of objects, as well as a multi-level assessment of their exchange value. This operation allows determining approaches to solve the issue of using incomplete result of construction work.

Who accepts our reports?

Our reports are accepted by all second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, financial institutions engaged in lending, leasing and other forms of financing.

How much does a service cost?

The Company’s pricing policy is based on the strategy of building up long-term partnership relations.

The Company’s branch network allows to reduce transportation costs of a client for inspection of objects, should appraisal objects are located in different cities of the country.

We are open to dialogue in order to discuss all aspects of a transaction, including individual tariffs for a customer.

How long does valuation take?

Our experts have significant experience in appraising; therefore, valuation of this type of service will be carried out as soon as possible.

What needs to be done for appraising?


To conduct  you need to:


  • Submit documents to our Company office or send it to us by e-mail (link to the e-mail address)
  • Conclude a valuation contract
  • Provide access to an appraisal object for inspection by our Company expert
  • Receive a report on the appraisal object 


What documents are needed for valuation of incomplete construction?

  • Certificate of registration of title to the facility under construction (if registration was carried out).
  • Title establishing documents for the land plot on which the facility is located.
  • Authorization documentation for construction.
  • General explanatory report to construction project.
  • Design and estimate documentation.
  • Financial statement on the book value of the building (if the building owner is a legal entity).
  • Act of temporary closing down of an incomplete facility (if the facility is temporary closed down).
  • Information concerning the presence of encumbrances on the facility under construction, including pledge burden or debt obligations and other restrictions on the use of the facility.
  • Sectoral affiliation of the facility.
  • Construction start date and construction completion date.
  • Details of the structural system of a building (structure).
  • Authorized annual power consumption (water-, electricity-, gas supply, etc.).
  • Built-up area.
  • Construction completion status as a whole and for individual structural elements separately.
  • Facility cost estimate.
  • Overall summary construction cost estimate.
  • Acts of acceptance of work performed from the start of construction.
  • Acceptance certificates for hidden works performed from the start of construction.
  • This list of documents is indicative and can be reduced or expanded after a detailed review fulfilled by an appraiser for the purpose of valuation and according to parameters of an appraisal object.